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CaliWoods Stainless Steel Straws

CaliWoods Stainless Steel StrawsWhat Is A Stainless Steel Straw?

A CaliWoods Drinking Straw is just like a regular straw except it is made from Stainless Steel and completely Reusable!

CaliStraws are really durable and they can be used over and over again. The team here at CaliWoods works hard to ensure that every straw is beautifully finished and the raw material is high in quality. To get right into the specifics they are made from type 304, food-grade, 18/8 polished stainless steel.

CaliStraws are super easy to clean and are sterilisation safe. Some hot soapy water, combined with the straw cleaner brush, will effectively clean the inside of your straw. They also love to go in the dishwasher!


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