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Bubble Tea Straws

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Bubble Tea Straws That Are Completely Reusable!

Extra-wide so the pearls in bubble tea easily come up your CaliStraw.  

2 x Stainless Steel Bubble Tea Straws - 12mm x 215.  

1 x Natural Fibre Cleaning Brush. 

CaliWoods Metal Smoothie Straw

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We are currently in the process of changing this product over to a new line! Stainless Steel and Rose Gold options coming February, 2019. 

Choose the Bubble Tea Straw Pack if you are specifically after straws for Bubble Tea. If you use straws for regular drinks, or prefer a thinner straw, then have a look at our Reusable Smoothie Straws or Reusable Drinking Straws

CaliWoods Metal Smoothie Straw

Enjoy your Bubble Tea without all the plastic that comes with it. Bubble Tea is delicious but almost impossible to drink without a Straw. CaliWoods Bubble Tea Straws are completely reusable and durable, the perfect addition to your daily eco-routine.

 A set of CaliStraws will last for a long time because they are extremely durable. The Reusable Bubble Tea Straws are made from food-grade, type 304 stainless steel.

This makes them really easy to clean as well as being dishwasher/steriliser safe. You can simply rinse your Bubble Tea Straws out after each use and pop them in the dishwasher.


Here's some information on the CaliWoods Metal Bubble Tea Straws

  • All Reusable Bubble Tea Straws are made from type 304, food-grade stainless steel.

  • The stainless steel is 18/8 (18% Chromium and 8% Nickel) with a 0.5mm thickness.

  • All Reusable Bubble Tea Straws are perfectly finished and polished on the outside of the straw.

  • They are built to last and are incredibly durable.

  • CaliWoods Metal Bubble Tea Straws are dishwasher safe and really easy to clean. Rinse them through after use and use hot, soapy water with the Cleaner Brush to clean the inside. 

  • All Reusable Bubble Tea Packs come with a specialised Natural Fibre Cleaner Brush.


"I love your straws and use multiple every day! Thanks again" - Stephan


CaliWoods Metal Drinking Straw boxes. Straws that are completely reusable.

Enjoy Your CaliStraws - Bubble Tea Style,
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