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Unlock the Magic of Elimination Communication (EC) Potty Training

Elimination Communication, or EC, is a revolutionary approach to early toilet training that empowers parents to connect with their babies on a whole new level. Here's how it works:...

  • Learn the Signals: EC involves attentive parenting, where you observe your baby's cues and signals when they need to go to the toilet. Instead of relying solely on diapers, you become attuned to your baby's needs.
  • On-Demand Elimination: Once you've decoded your baby's signs, you can gently place them over a potty or toilet and make a specific sound or cue. Gradually, your baby will respond by peeing or pooping when prompted.
  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: At CaliWoods, we embrace the principles of EC and offer a range of sustainable products that support this method, making it not only effective but also environmentally conscious.

Our Sustainable Potty Training Starter Kits

Our thoughtfully designed products are tailored to enhance the EC experience:

  • Top Hat Potty: This elimination communication potty features a non-slip grip band and a soft cotton top hat cover, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for your baby. With two covers included with our top hat baby potty, you can keep one in use while the other is in the wash.
  • Tiny Training Undies: These innovative undies guide your child in a fun way, teaching them how to put them on independently.
  • EC Essentials Kit: This comprehensive kit includes a Top Hat Potty, grip band and seat cover, potty travel bag, and an EC Basics Booklet to kickstart your EC journey.
  • EC Starter Kit: Similar to the Essentials Kit but with the added convenience of Reusable Wet Wipes for a seamless EC experience.
  • Reusable Changing Mat: Crafted from organic cotton, these mats provide a soft and eco-friendly surface for diaper changes, whether at home or on the go.
  • Tiny EC Pants: These versatile pants offer freedom of movement for both you and your baby while supporting Elimination Communication.
  • Tiny Pull Ups: With a waterproof PUL outer shell and bamboo fibre lining, these pull-ups are ideal for EC and early potty training.
  • The Eco Baby Shower Gift Kit: Gift new parents with reusable changing mats, reusable wet wipes, and an EC Basics Booklet to introduce them to the world of EC.
  • The Complete Newborn Eco Kit: This all-inclusive kit is the perfect potty training starter kit and includes essentials like a Muslin Wrap, reusable wet wipes, changing mats and a handcrafted rattle made from NZ pine.

By incorporating these sustainable and baby-friendly products into your EC journey, you're not only enhancing the experience but also reducing your environmental footprint.

Begin Your EC Journey Today

Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to the CaliWoods team at or call us at +64 9 217 4476. We're here to support your EC endeavours and provide you with the best sustainable solutions for your baby.

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