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Cora Ball
Cora Ball
Cora Ball
Cora Ball
Cora Ball
Cora Ball
Cora Ball
Cora Ball
Cora Ball
Cora Ball
Cora Ball
Cora Ball

Cora Ball


Cora Microfibre Ball  

Cora Balls collect the microfibres from your clothes which in turn helps protect our precious marine life, our soils and the human food chain

1 x Cora Ball - Light Blue

Plastic-Free Packaging and Shipping!

Why Cora Balls are great!

  • Did you know that during the wash, the synthetic fabrics in our clothes shed microfibres. These head out to the ocean as Plastic Pollution as Microplastics! 
  • Microplastics pollute our oceans and waterways - if you want to learn more check out the full blog post here.
  • Cora Balls are blue for our oceans, working endlessly like coral to filter out water. Every-time you pop your Cora Ball in the wash you will be reminded that we need to take better care of our oceans and that this small action has huge effects for our precious marine life and our own health. 

Heres some information on Cora Balls:   

  • No lifetime - have your Cora Ball forever
  • Simply add your Cora Ball into your washing machine!
  • Cora Balls collect mircofibre fuzz which is made during washing
  • The microfibre fuzz can then be disposed of appropriately (best option for now is into the trash like dryer fluff)
  • Approximately one third of microfibres per load, are caught per Cora Ball
  • Made of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable soft and stretchy plastic - physical and chemical properties will be maintained in the washing machine temperature extremes

CaliWoods is passionate about reducing plastic in our environment, and with synthetic materials being in over half the fabrics we use, Cora Balls are an effective way to reduce the impact of micro-plastics in our Waterways. 

There are many more things you can do to help!

  • Try to reduce synthetic materials in your home, and opt for natural materials first, for example: 
    • Linen (from Flax), silk (silk worms), cotton (traditionally is very pesticide and water heavy so try to support organic farming), wool, jute, hemp, sisal, ramie, mohair, kenaf, cashmere.
  • See the Blog Post for full details and suggestions that cover how you can help and what to do with the synthetic fabrics you already own. 

Here's the link to the full blog post: How Washing Our Clothes Is Polluting The OceanIf you would like to learn more from a Research Article on Microfibre Catching click here

Do you have questions? Check out the Cora Ball FAQ'S here 



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    Chris H.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Interesting product

    Funny shape I'm not sure it's working as after like ten washes have not found anything attached

    Amber J.
    Cora Ball

    Our Cora ball came super quick and was beautifully wrapped in 100% recyclable paper & cardboard. Very happy with our purchase :)


    Happy oceans! Thanks for being an ocean guardian! :)