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Cora Ball


Using biomimicry of coral to capture some of the microplastics in your laundry, the Cora Ball is a perfect addition to your sustainable laundry routine. Particularly useful for households who wash a lot of clothing and bedding that are made from synthetic fabrics (think uniforms, activewear, etc).

You put your Cora Ball into each wash. The microplastics will collect in the centre of the Cora Ball (resembling fluff) after months of use. You then remove this fluff and put it into your landfill bin.

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About The Cora Ball

Did you know that laundry is the biggest source of primary microplastics in the ocean? When we wash our clothes, all fabrics shed. If the fabric is synthetic, these microfibers will be microplastics that are too small for the filters at the waste water stations. They then head out into our waterways and oceans.

An average of 700,000 fibres per 6kg of clothing are entering our waterways with every load of laundry. These microfibres get quite literally everywhere, they are in our oceans, our soils, and our bodies. Enter the Cora Ball. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the Cora Ball, added to a load of laundry, will catch about 31% microfibre fuzz made during washing.

The design of the Cora Ball is a form of biomimicry – technology inspired by nature. The Cora Ball is inspired by coral’s ability to filter minute food particles from flowing water. The water in washing machines flows past the Cora Ball, and the microfibers stick to its stalks accumulating in the center of the Cora Ball.

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