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The CaliWoods Story

There are lots of little moments and experiences that led to the creation of CaliWoods.

Let us tell you a little story...

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The crispy, hot black sand of New Zealand’s West Coast beaches, coupled native bush and enchanting bird song of Tui - on repeat, every weekend - can really mould what a kid learns to value.

That was the case for the founder of CaliWoods, Shay Lawrence. She had a pretty cool life growing up, always being thrown into the beautiful environments on offer around the country.

The sizzling sand, surfing and bush walks sure built character, but it also nurtured a little bundle of appreciation and love for all things nature.

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As Shay grew, the bush walks that were measured by the hour, turned into wanderings, measured by the years.

These backpacking adventures spanned different lands and oceans all around the world.

Whether the environment was luscious tropical reef, layered valleys or isolated pockets of humanity, the privilege of seeing and feeling these places caused that little bundle to grow.

Founder of CaliWoods, Shay Lawrence

This is Shay, the founder of CaliWoods. Surfer, travel-lover, and straw enthusiast.


Through this time, it also became obvious that the human effect on the natural environment was everywhere. It was hard to ignore the small pieces of plastic littered within the light, bright sand of the world’s most isolated islands.

It was crazy to think that consumption somewhere else had ended up here, a middle-of-nowhere paradise.

The odd sandal. A bottle cap. Fishing nets amongst the reef. Plastic next to ancient Mayan pyramids. It was always there, if she looked.

Trying to make sense of it all, she thought back to one resounding moment meeting an old Indonesian woman. The toothless, smiling chuckle was so naïve and innocent as she thoughtlessly threw handfuls of wet plastic bags from her bucket.

Or looking back to her own childhood, full of plastic everything. Even to a few weeks ago when she walked out of the supermarket with a reusable bag, full of food covered in packaging.

All over the world, in lots of different ways, it became clear that there were very few stones left unturned by humans and the way we are living.

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After six years of incredible travel, those collected moments and experiences (and that little bundle) started talking to each other. They collaborated, wrapped themselves around each other and moulded into what makes up CaliWoods today.


CaliWoods exists because we believe there’s a better way to do things. We aren’t perfect, but we are working hard to make a sustainable life easier and exciting through awesome eco products, fresh ideas and motivating information.

Will you join us?

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