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Get the Perfect Shave with Our Sustainable Shaving Kits

Bid farewell to single-use plastic razors forever with the luxe range at CaliWoods. Created with precision and care, our eco shaving kits for men and women are reusable and ethically made, saving you money on expensive refills....

Our shave sets are designed to deliver a smooth, close shave that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed without damaging the environment. Available in slate, silver and copper, these sets not only make a beautiful addition to your bathroom, but also help to reduce waste.

Our shaving kits combine premium craftsmanship with sustainability. Each set includes a durable stainless steel razor, brush, and collection of high-quality blades, all in a linen bag. They make a beautiful gift for others, or even just to spoil yourself. Browse our collection today for the perfect little gift of self-care.

Discover the Difference with Our Eco-friendly Shaving Kits

As a bCorp-certified brand committed to providing environmentally responsible alternatives, everything in our range, including our sustainable men’s shaving kits, is designed to reduce plastic waste.

At CaliWoods, we pride ourselves on not only offering an exceptional collection of grooming tools, but also the opportunity to join us in taking important steps towards a sustainable future. Let's explore our shave kits and why they are an essential addition to your grooming routine.

Our Shave Sets: Where Sustainability Meets Style

Sustainability lies at the core of our brand, driving every aspect of our endeavours. Our commitment to ethical sourcing and production makes each set a statement piece of sustainable style. Each kit is meticulously crafted from eco-friendly materials, with finishes in slate, silver and copper.

By choosing from our extensive range – which includes grooming, kitchen gadgets, baby essentials and more – you contribute to the reduction of plastic waste. Browse our range today.

Shop Now and Experience More Than Just the Perfect Shave

Here at CaliWoods, we’re dedicated to changing the way we do things. Our high-quality range of shave sets in NZ are more than just grooming tools; they represent a profound commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. With every shave, you help us work towards positive change.

As you enjoy a luxurious experience, you contribute to our initiatives in waste reduction and sustainability education. Shop now at our shave shop in NZ or reach out to a friendly customer service member at orders@caliwoods.co.nz or +64 9 217 4476 for more information.

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