Meet Our Safety Razors

Our Reusable Safety Razors are different from the plastic kinds lining supermarket shelves. They're ultra-sustainable, as you only need to change the blades, and they will last well when cared for properly. They are unisex and can be used on all parts of your body. We even take back the blades for recycling through our Blade Take Back Program.

These Safety Razors are easy to use and give you a close silky smooth shave. Couple this luxe copper beauty with our low-waste Shaving Soap, then simply lather up, and you're good to go. Gentle pressure is key, you can let the weight of the stainless steel do the work for you! Have a read of the drop-downs below to find the answers to all your questions. Also available as part of the Low Waste Shave Kit, which has everything you need to get started.


Safety Razor Details

Frequently Asked Questions


Our Story, Our Promise

We are an NZ-owned, woman-led social enterprise. This means that we are for-profit, but the main thing we wake up for in the morning is our purpose; to reduce waste and stand up for Mama Earth. We are a certified bCorp.