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The Sustainable Parenting Toolkit

Parenting is incredible and such a beautiful journey. And yes, you can do it sustainably without a bunch of hassle. From nappies to wipes, lotions and potions, to clothes that bub seems to grow out of as quickly as you can bring them home, there can be waste and chemicals abound.  You need to know your stuff!  

Elimination Communication FAQs - The Basics

Elimination Communication ( EC for short ) has so many personal and environmental benefits. The below list of FAQs is here to help get you started.

Basics of Low Tox Living | CaliWoods x Natural Parent Magazine

Low-tox living is all about making conscious choices to reduce exposure to harmful toxins to benefit your health and your children. Our friends over at Natural Parent Magazine have published a piece by CaliWoods founder, Shay Lawrence, with simple low-tox steps to integrate this mindset into your life.

Low Tox | CaliWoods x Natural Parent Magazine

Founder of CaliWoods, Shay, has written a piece for the Natural Parent Magazine all about creating a low-tox environment for your newborn. Our environments are an essential part of our parenting journey and are an anchor for our little ones. That's why we've broken it down into easy steps and cover the basics you need to know when getting started with low-tox.

Why ‘Low-Tox’ Is Important For Baby Products

Lox-tox is a mindset and lifestyle that involves being aware of the chemicals you and your baby are exposed to daily - and making conscious choices to minimize these. Avoiding toxic chemicals is particularly important when protecting our little ones, as they are especially vulnerable. Fortunately simple swaps can be made to reduce toxin exposure and create a healthier environment for your little one.

CaliWoods x Natural Parenting Magazine

We've been published! CaliWoods founder Shay has recently written a piece for the Natural Parent Magazine all about her personal journey with sustainable parenting and elimination communication.  Massive thanks to the mag for publishing this...

CaliWoods x OH Baby! Magazine

Check out the latest issue of the OH Baby! magazine to read about our founder Shay's first year of practicing Elimination Communication/EC here in New Zealand. The article includes; the basics of EC, how to get started with EC, and why you likely haven't heard of it before. 

4 Sustainable Parenting Hacks

Parenting and sustainability – so much we can do, so little time we have. Setting habits and family values early is so important for and we’ve learned a few hacks along the way. In this post we will help you create sustainable habits with your baby’s food, clothing, nappies, and toys.

How To Hold Your Baby When Doing EC

So you've read about EC and have decided to give it a go. But how do you actually physically hold your baby while doing elimination communication? When I was first learning about EC I was...