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Love Sustainability But Sick Of Hearing About It? This Article Is For You!

Our founder, Shay, dives into why sustainability is sounding like a marketing message - and how to overcome this for 2024! Feel magic, delight, and inspiration in this article and re-centre yourself.

The Sustainable Parenting Toolkit

Parenting is incredible and such a beautiful journey. And yes, you can do it sustainably without a bunch of hassle. From nappies to wipes, lotions and potions, to clothes that bub seems to grow out of as quickly as you can bring them home, there can be waste and chemicals abound.  You need to know your stuff!  

What Actually Is Plastic-Free July?

Plastic Free July - What Is It All About? Read About: What Is Plastic, How To Avoid It and Why.Single-Use Plastic Has Gone From Convenience To Crisis. Take On The Challenge Of Going Plastic Free For July.

How Washing Our Clothes Is Polluting The Ocean

Washing and Plastic Pollution! Learn About: Synthetic VS Natural Fibres, How Washing Your Synthetic Clothes Leads To Plastic Pollution, and What You Can Do To Help. Washing your clothes could be the biggest contributor to microplastic in our oceans.

Quick Intro To Elimination Communication / EC

Yes... you can from day 1!  EC, is when you help your baby poop and wee on the potty instead of relying solely on nappies. It is for babies just born through to 18 months old. It has been...

How To Go Waste-Free At Your Festys

FESTIVAL SEASON! Learn About: Reducing Your Waste This Festival Season, Be Eco and Caring For Our Planet, How to Leave With No Trace. Read CaliWoods Festival Tips. 

Package-Free Fridge Tips

PLASTIC-FREE FRIDGE! Get Your Package Free Fridge Guide. Eco-Swaps For Items We Commonly Buy In Plastic. 

How To Love The Planet This Summer

Top 9 Summer Eco Tips! Learn About: Eco Products and Sustainable Swaps. This Summer CaliWoods Encourages You To Protect And Respect The Environment. 

How To Handle Plastic Bag Bans!

NZ Plastic Bag Ban. How to Manage Without The Plastic. Read About: Plastic Bag Facts, Tips To Sort Waste Properly, Solutions For Dog Poo. Without this ban the 'more fish in the ocean than plastic by 2050' prediction will without question become reality.