Meet The Top Hat Potty

The Top Hat Potty is a game changer for anyone with a young baby who is doing EC. Our only regret is that we had one from 3 months old instead of from birth!

Using the Top Hat Potty is easy; the non-slip grip band goes around the base of the potty when you first set it up. This means that the potty won’t sleep between your legs. The soft cotton top hat potty cover then goes around the lip of the potty and is where your baby will sit. This makes for a nice, cosy seat for your baby and helps them relax. Getting two covers is great, you can have one in use and then one in the wash.

You place the Top Hat Potty between your legs and then place your baby on top. You then empty the baby Potty easily in the toilet by lifting the cover off and pouring it out - hello no mess! If you need more tips to get started with EC, check out the blog here.


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