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Elimination Communication is a natural parenting option for families to potty their baby from birth rather than relying solely on nappies. Babies have been telling us about their need to ‘go’ since the start of time, and the practice of EC is responding to these signals, baby's natural timing, and your intuition - just like you would sense they are hungry or tired or know that it is bedtime. You then physically respond by holding them in an EC-specific hold or helping them sit on a potty. You give them a cue in return that it’s okay to go. Your baby’s pees and poops are then captured in a receptacle. It is for babies aged 0 to 18 months.

This guide covers everything you need to get started practicing Elimination Communication with your little one! To complement this guide, you can find further info, troubleshooting, and a supportive community in our blog and support community.


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