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Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag
Grocery Tote Bag

Grocery Tote Bag


The CaliWoods Grocery Tote Bag with built-in Pockets will drastically improve your low-waste shopping experience

This Tote Bag is made from 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton and is designed to separate loose items to keep them safe and make packing a breeze. 

1 x The Grocery Tote

Made from durable Organic Cotton with extra-strong stitching, featuring 6 internal pockets and 3 external pockets. 'Happy Vibes' is the first picture and 'The Minimal' is the second picture. 


Why you will love the Grocery Tote Bag:
  • This is not your average re-usable shopping bag!
  • The Cali Grocery Tote brings innovation to the grocery shopping game by incorporating internal and external pockets to keep produce and items separated, protected and sorted.
  • This super functional design also looks sleek and neutral while lasting for years and years with its heavy-duty stitching and organic cotton canvas.

Picture these three scenarios where the Cali Tote is a game changer:

Grocery shopping at a Farmers Market

  • Use the 6 internal pockets to snugly hold delicate produce like tomatoes, lettuce, beans, fruit and eggs. Often removing the need to carry multiple produce bags.
  • Use the main pocket or side pockets to fit larger items like fresh bread. Place your phone and keys in the handy front pocket to keep your hands free for gathering produce.
  • The Tote is wide enough to fit all of your produce hauls in the one bag, saving you hand space and making leaving the house simpler.

Grocery shopping at a Bulk Food Store or Supermarket

  • Hold your glass jars tightly and keep your paper produce bags organised in the internal and side pockets
  • No items being crushed by heavier jars in the bottom of the bag
  • Makes unpacking at home a breeze without leaking bags or bruised produce

A summer beach day

  • The Cali Tote is large enough to easily fit 2 beach beach towels in the main pocket while holding sunscreen, snacks, a portable speaker and drink bottle in the internal pockets.
  • No more mess created by leaking sunblock at the bottom of the bag, or not being able to find your snacks without repacking everything. This Tote keeps everything organised and separated so you always know where to find your stuff.
  • handles are big enough to fit over your shoulder so you can carry your goods to your secret beach spot with ease. The durable cotton canvas and heavy duty stitching easily handles the frequent use.

The Specifics of the Grocery Tote Bag:

  • 45cm x 43cm x 22cm 
  • LOW WASTE. This zero-waste Tote Bag eliminates the need to buy synthetic or single use shopping bags for future grocery needs.
  • 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton from India
  • FUNCTIONAL. 6 internal pockets and 3 external pockets. Having built-in pockets in your grocery bag really is a game changer. No longer will loose produce be crushed at the bottom of the bag or that smaller purchase disappearing among other items. Pockets keep your produce  and belongings snug and separated while making organising and unpacking far easier.
  • Choose from TWO DESIGNS. The low-key minimal Tote or the fun and summery design.
  • ETHICALLY CRAFTED and made with love in India using 100% certified GOTS Organic Cotton. This is important because cotton is typically one of the most pesticide-heavy crops in the textile industry. We choose to support farmers who are supporting the environment.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash at 40 degrees Celsius. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Iron low. Do not dry clean

We are helping create a more sustainable NZ and your purchase directly contributes, thank you.

CaliWoods Is On A Mission:

We are a NZ-owned, Woman-led certified Social Enterprise. This means that we are for-profit, but the main thing we wake up for in the morning is our purpose; to reduce waste and stand up for Mama Earth. We are certified through the government organisation Akina.

  • Your purchase goes towards reducing waste, sustainable events and/or sustainability education in Aotearoa
  • We are a Living Wage Employer
  • Everything is shipped to you plastic-free
  • We help you live with less waste. Our Instagram and Facebook posts focus on sustainability news and inspiring you to make positive change

Single-use plastic is a massive culprit for the pollution of our oceans, emissions and the health of Papatūānuku, Mother Earth. CaliWoods is passionate about providing you with reusable, high quality and long lasting alternatives.  If you haven't already checked them out, see our Shop Eco range for a more sustainable home, bathroom and kitchen. 

    Sustainable Shipping:

    • Shipping cost, materials, carbon offset and estimated delivery times can be found HERE