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Before our little guy was due, I tried to find an alternative to disposable wet wipes. I didn't want the waste nor the expense of disposables...but couldn't find anything that fit the bill. So my Mum and I made some of our own by cutting up an old muslin wrap and getting handy on the sewing machine. This was the start of the Reusable Wet Wipes - even though I didn't know it then! After the first year, I felt these were such a great low-waste baby hack that I had to add them to the CaliBaby range.

Wet Wipes are one of the most commonly used disposables in raising a little one. They are traditionally made from a plastic mesh with a suite of chemicals to boot! They are disposed of in landfills where they lay to rest forever, and sometimes even flushed - even though they aren't flushable (a massive cause of sewage blockages!). With a reusable version, you just wet the wipe with water or the Wet Wipe Spray and use it as normal.

These eco-friendly, reusable Wet Wipes are made from organic cotton, are low-tox, and are perfect for newborn bottoms right through to toddlers' faces and hands. You wash them on a hot machine cycle and can even compost them at the end of their life cycle! The dispenser bag is a super handy addition, keeping your wipes organised and ready if you leave the house.


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