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All About Early Potty Training / EC

Posted by CaliWoods Crew on
All About Early Potty Training / EC

Yes... you can from day 1! 

Early Potty Training, or EC, is when you help your baby poop and wee on the potty instead of them going in nappies. It is for babies just born through to 18 months old. It has been a game changer for our little family so we wanted to share what we have learnt...

On average, each baby goes through 6,000 nappies in their younger years. This is equivalent to about 1 tonne of landfill waste, or 325kg of plastic! Choosing to potty your baby uses less nappies and has a whole lot of other benefits too. 

Here is a bit more about EC and how it works: 

From as young as birth, all babies communicate by giving signs that they need to go. Babies are born with sphincter control, bladder control, and an innate sense of hygiene - sometimes a grizzly baby is actually signalling that they need to go!
EC helps families to potty babies by learning and responding to these signals. The goal is that pees and poops are 'captured' in a potty, toilet, or out in nature (wees only), as opposed to your baby doing their business in a nappy. Nappies are used as a backup as there will be 'misses'.

Why haven't I heard about it before? 

EC is used in cultures around the world but in Western culture, we have normalised the use of nappies since disposables came to market in the 1960s - so don't be shocked if this is the first you have heard of it!

Can I learn to this for my baby?

Yes! We have created a facebook page called 'Sustainable Babies in NZ' to share more about Early Potty Training/EC, sustainable baby product alternatives, tips and discussions for raising your gorgeous Pēpi in a natural and gentle way.
Click HERE to check it out

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