Meet the Foot Brush

If you're like us and love walking barefoot in nature, too, you’ll know how hard it can be to keep your feet soft and smooth.

The Foot Brush is designed with a short handle, making it easy to scrub to remove caked-on mud or dry skin from heels.

Dance barefoot in the rain; help the kids make mud pies; run through your garden to grab some basil; keep your feet smooth and soft while in nature's playground with the CaliWoods Foot Brush.

After a natural yet decadent pedicure? Fill a foot bath or shallow bucket with hot water, Epsom salts, and your favourite essential oils. Sit back and relax as your feet soak in the mineralised hot water. After 10 minutes (or longer!), use the Foot Brush to scrub your heels and balls of feet for super soft feet. Rinse and pat your feet dry and then follow with your favourite moisturising oil- try coconut, olive oil, or shea butter for a decadent and natural self-care moment.


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