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Doing Christmas Right This Year

As the festive season approaches, Kiwis are gearing up for a Christmas full of joy and merriment. However, in this age of heightened environmental concern and awareness, it’s crucial to make mindful choices that reflect our commitment to sustainability. This Christmas, let’s embark on a journey towards a greener and more eco-friendly celebration.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Dawny Adventure Club Bottle

In today's world, reusable water bottles have become a daily essential. Besides helping to reduce single-use plastic waste, having your Dawny Bottle at your side reduces your exposure to chemicals/microplastics from plastics and keeps you hydrated throughout the day. 

Four Tips & Benefits Of Regular Tongue Cleaning

So you are on your way to regularly Tongue Cleaning? Congrats, you are about to say hello to a healthier mouth and gut. We think of this daily practice as essential and in the CaliWoods team we often talk about how it is ‘strangely addictive’!

On the fence about a Safety Razor? Here's everything you need to know

How To Low Waste Shave: Bye to plastic razors, hello to low waste shaves with the CaliWoods Safety Razor. Learn the tips and tricks of shaving with a Safety Razor and how to perfect that plastic-free shave.

Six Benefits & Tips Of Safety Razors

So you have your new Safety Razor ready to go, or are considering making the swap from disposables? We have put together some lesser known tips and benefits to help get you up to speed. Read on!

Quick Tips: How To Use Your Eco Tools

Here are some quick fire top tips for using your Stainless Pegs, Reusable Safety Razor, Silicone Stretch Lids food covers and Reusable Paper Bags. Learn how to use each item and unique tips for product care to ensure your eco tools last.

Tips and Tricks for Your Eco-Wool Dryer Balls

These magical little spheres can revolutionize your laundry routine. In this blog post, we'll explore seven little-known tips and tricks for Wool Dryer Balls that will help you maximize their effectiveness and take your laundry game to the next level. 

4 Ways to Start 2023 Sustainably

Whether you are an eco-expert or just getting started, these great tips will help you start 2023 on the right foot. From conducting a mini-waste audit, to understanding the impacts of your consumption these simple steps will help you, your community, and Mother Earth.

12 Days of Sustainable Christmas

Christmas And Consumption. Read About: How To Reduce Materialism And Be Mindful. How Can You Have A Sustainable Christmas? Swap To Eco Alternatives. 12 Days Of Sustainable Christmas.