Four Tips & Benefits Of Regular Tongue Cleaning

Four Tips & Benefits Of Regular Tongue Cleaning

So you are on your way to regularly Tongue Cleaning? Congrats, you are about to say hello to a healthier mouth and gut. We think of this daily practice as essential and in the CaliWoods team we often talk about how it is ‘strangely addictive’! Tongue Cleaners offer a range of benefits so let's dive into understanding these in a little more detail: 

The Benefits

  1. Live Plaque Free: These Tongue Cleaners excel at removing stubborn plaque, food debris, dead cells, and bacteria from the surface of your tongue. The gently curved shape and precise design allows for effective cleaning, reaching deep into those crevices where bacteria hides. By removing all this gunk from your tongue, you can enjoy fresher breath and improved overall oral hygiene - a win-win! Couple with these Tooth Tabs for ultra-fresh breath.

  2. The Material Matters: Stainless steel is inherently resistant to bacterial growth making it a hygienic choice for tongue cleaning. This material is ultra-durable meaning your Tongue Cleaner will withstand the test of time, while still being the perfect thickness making it easy and comfortable to use. The smooth surface of this cleaner makes it easy to sanitize and there are no joins or mixed materials (meaning a responsible, easy to recycle end of life). This is a specialised tool…the tongue cleaners adjoined to toothbrushes don’t do the same thing.

  3. Enhanced Sensation of Taste: Regularly using your Tongue Cleaner can have a surprising impact on your taste buds. By eliminating the buildup of plaque and other bacteria on your tongue’s surface, these cleaners help restore the sensitivity of your taste receptors.

  4. Gut Health: make sure you get into the routine of cleaning your tongue every morning before eating or drinking anything - this is key! Your Tongue Cleaner will remove bacterial buildup that would otherwise go down your intestinal tract, potentially causing chronic health issues. This is a much esteemed Ayurvedic practice. 

The Takeaway

Making this Tongue Cleaner a part of your oral care routine offers a range of benefits. From their durable and easy-to-use design to their effectiveness in removing bacteria and enhancing your taste, tongue cleaning can elevate your oral and gut hygiene. Send this article to a friend - not many people are aware of how important daily Tongue Cleaning is for your overall health! 

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