We are now a Certified BCorp!

We are now a Certified BCorp!

Our social and environmental practices have been checked and recognised by B Lab as meeting high standards of transparency, accountability, and performance - All values we have held since the very beginning. 

This was two years in the making for us and we are stoked to be able to announce our certification!


What is BLab?

BLab is a global nonprofit network that work to support the business industry to be a force for good. Businesses can apply to go through a BCorp assesment process with BLab to have their values and efforts assessed against the criteria. The more that a businesses operations benefit people, communities, and the planet, the higher the score. 

Our BCorp Score

The minimum number of points to quality for the certification is 80 and we gained a score of 92.9 points which we are pretty stoked with! Of course we already have ideas and plans for how to surpass that for the next assessment in three years time. We also had a few hiccups with a few of the modules where we should have had the points easily but that's okay - it was a great learning process!

You can find a summary of all our values, environmental and social efforts, goals, and other impact information on our Transparency Page You can see our bCorp profile here.

Why We Wanted To Become A BCorp

As a social enterprise, we operate in a way that prioritises impact, transparency and sustainability so becoming a certified B Corp felt like a natural step to take for us. Having a high calibre certification means that others see we meet a high standard that they can trust and also means we are part of a movement of purpose-led businesses that are working to set a new standard for the wider business industry. 

The way we operate enables us to continue to improve as a successful business and to meet our significant waste diversion and sustainability education goals. 

You can read more about BLab and the BCorp certification Here. 




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