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Discover Our Insulated Drink Bottles in NZ

At CaliWoods, we are proud to introduce the Dawny Adventure Club insulated water bottles – a game-changer in the quest to reduce single-use plastic bottles...

These premium vacuum-insulated stainless steel drink bottles made in NZ are designed to keep your drinks refreshingly cold or piping hot, making them the perfect companion for any adventure.

The Benefits of Using Metal Water Bottles in NZ

By choosing our insulated water bottles in NZ, you contribute to a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle. They’re BPA-free and non-toxic, so they’re entirely safe for your health, and we even offer a straw option for your sipping preferences.

Thanks to dual-walled and vacuum-sealed technology, your beverages will stay icy cold for 24 hours or steaming hot for 12 hours. They have a durable powder-coated exterior which is built to last, designed to withstand knocks, bumps, and everyday wear and tear.

With proper care, these metal drink bottles can last for years, diverting thousands of plastic bottles from polluting our environment. Replacement lids are available for future use.

Insulated Water Bottles: Your Sustainable Hydration Solution

Our insulated drink bottles are a statement of environmental responsibility and a commitment to sustainable living. Here's what sets them apart:

Available in Various Sizes:

Choose from three convenient sizes – 530mL, 950mL, or the impressive 1.9L Whopper. Whether you're a minimalist sipper or a serious thirst-quencher, we've got you covered.

A Rainbow of Colours:

They’re also available in 9 striking colours to match your style, ensuring your bottle is as unique as you are.

Premium Stainless Steel:

Crafted from 18/8 premium stainless steel, our bottles are not only durable but also free from harmful chemicals, ensuring the purity of your drinks.

Making a Difference Together

With every Dawny Adventure Club product you purchase, 10% of the profit is donated to The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. By supporting us, you are contributing to a charity dedicated to creating a society free from discrimination and improving the lives of many.

Buy reusable drink bottles in NZ from CaliWoods for a sustainable, luxe way to quench your thirst while making a positive impact on the planet.

Make a Statement with Dawny Adventure Club

Join the movement to reduce single-use plastic bottles and embrace sustainable living with these insulated water bottles. Sign up today to stay updated with sustainability tips, new products, and exclusive rewards

Have questions or need assistance? Contact us at orders@caliwoods.co.nz or call us at +64 9 217 4476. We're here to help you make a difference in the world, one sip at a time.

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