5 New Zealand Eco Bloggers You Need To Follow

5 New Zealand Eco Bloggers You Need To Follow

It’s 2018, let’s be honest... rather than picking up a glossy mag, we’re quick to hop online, suss out our Instagram feeds, and check our favourite blog sites.

Blogs have become a key source of information in our everyday lives. They are popping up all over the globe, bringing us inspiration, knowledge, and lifestyle tips.

When it comes to living sustainably, eco blogs can be life changers. By encouraging us to get off our bottoms and start changing our habits, eco bloggers are making waves in the world to protect our planet and its people.

Our Favourite 5 New Zealand Eco Bloggers you must follow today:

Little Bit Daily

If you’re after simple, cute, and low-waste lifestyle tips: Little Bit Daily is for you. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Little Bit Daily are makers of wooden soap dishes, and focus on sharing realistic tips around eco-living in all our everyday habits. From zero-waste Christmas gift wrapping ideas, to vegan butter recipes, Little Bit Daily are always coming out with new, but simple and practical tips to help reduce your footprint on the planet.

Ethically Kate

An ethical fashion blogger turned eco-living activist, Ethically Kate is all about eco-living with a laugh. She’s real, authentic, and champions brands by partnering with those who back her strict values around fair trade, sustainability, and giving back to the local and global community. Kate Hall believes we don’t have time to think of ourselves as just one person who can’t make change, and inspires New Zealand to start stepping up to the plate. Always with a grin on her face, Kate is quick to question companies who greenwash, but the first to tell everyone to lighten up and do the best with what they have around them.

The Eco Society

DIY, fashion, beauty, lifestyle; The Eco Society have it all. As a sustainable lifestyle blog and store, The Eco Society team, Krystal and Simon, do an incredible job at being a one stop shop. They aim for full transparency, test eco products before recommending, and share absolutely all information about the brands they stock ( including the impact you’ll make when purchasing). You’ll find blog posts about how to make your own beeswax wraps, recycling tips, and a store filled with waste free, natural beauty and lifestyle products.

Ethical Made Easy

Although she’s currently living across the ditch in Melbourne, if Ethical Made Easy isn’t in your ‘following’ list, you’re missing out. Jasmine has made ethical fashion classy, affordable, and easy to find. She’s quickly becoming the Southern Hemisphere’s go-to directory for ethical fashion, and continues to hero brands who make eco-living affordable and fashionable. Jasmine’s website includes helpful information around books to read, podcasts to listen to, and resources to grow your knowledge around sustainability. The Ethical Made Easy blog provides informational blog posts that hit deep into the nitty gritty topics of fast fashion.

The Great Eco Challenge 2018

Everyone loves a good challenge, and The Great Eco Challenge is certainly a GREAT one. Juliet Dale, the mastermind behind The Great Eco Challenge, created the challenge after realising how quickly her slow, but steady, eco choices were reducing their family’s footprint. Their waste halved after only three months of simple changes, so Juliet set about getting others on board too. The Great Eco Challenge involves 52 challenges in 52 weeks that are easy, fun, cost effective, and ultimately encourage sustainable living. The motto ‘progress, not perfection’, means the page is welcoming and encouraging, and open to everyone, no matter what stage they are at in their eco journey.

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