Eco Tips At Home While On Lockdown!

Eco Tips At Home While On Lockdown!

This is an Intro Post written when we first went into the COVID19 Lockdown here in New Zealand. If you want specific tips please check out some of the following:

Eco Ideas When In Corona COVID19 Lockdown

I was in a weird spot for a while I'm sure everyone can relate to! 

Honestly, it took me quite some time to figure out what to write, how to help our community of over 20,000 sustainability-lovin' kiwis. I was feeling pretty WEIRD. There was a lot going on as humanity seemed to go into survival mode and I legit was like "holy s%*! We are living through a sci-fi movie"

I want to outline that this is not undermining the seriousness of the situation nor am I forgetting to give credence to the terrible suffering the worlds poorest will be subjected to. We are the lucky ones here in NZ, that's one certain thing at the moment. I'm just trying to have the biggest positive impact myself and CaliWoods can in these circumstances. Our planet is having some much needed breathing space and we all have time to be at home and spiritually, physically, emotionally re-set. 

I am, at heart, a full believer in being able to exercise your free will and this is more important than ever in times of crisis - in New Zealand we are safe enough to be able to choose our own reactions, emotions, who we are during this time, how we show up in the world, what we literally (and digitally) feed ourselves with. 

Social Enterprise COVID19 response

Now that everything has settled a touch we are all in need of positive, practical tips to keep things rolling. I have a lot of thoughts around this crisis and, as a business owner and fellow human, it's a pretty crazy time to be alive!

For now, my focus is on inspiring YOU - to stay safe, sane and sustainable during this time. That, in turn, inspires me to navigate this serious disruption and map out how to bring 'Business as a force for good' to the forefront in NZ during the recovery.

Sustainability advocates and Mama Earth have been pleading for change and, I guess in an unforeseen and undesirable way, we got it. I have no answers but I can say that how we reform our society needs to put our environment, including the human environment, first - and I'll fight for that until the end and in anyway I need to



THANK YOU: for getting to the end of this, for supporting NZ small business and for your CaliWoods orders. Thank you for giving me inspiration. I thought it was important to share my real feelings (from me, Shay, rather than from 'CaliWoods'). Get in touch if you want to, I'll reply to everyone.

The coming 5 part series 'Sustainability in Hibernation' kicks things off and I hope you find some interesting info and tips to keep everything rolling at home. Never has there been a better opportunity than now to form new habits and create space for the more sustainable lifestyles we never had time for before.

Mucho Aroha, 

Shay X


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