How To Use A Top Hat Potty

How To Use A Top Hat Potty

The Top Hat Potty is a useful tool for elimination communication for babies under 1 year of age. In this blog we will go through all the basics....what it is, why it is helpful for practicing EC, and how to use it. 

What Is The Top Hat Potty?

A unique type of potty that is shaped like a top hat and made specifically for EC. This makes it easy for caregivers place between the legs and comfortable for small babies to sit on. Unlike a traditional potty, it does not have to be placed on the ground and is easily transportable.


Some More Top Hat Potty Specifics

This special EC potty is designed to be used from 0-12 months of age, after which the child usually becomes too big and can sit on a regular potty easily. Top Hat Potties come with a soft cotton seat cover which protects from splashes and adds a layer of comfort for your little one. They also have a large rubber band around the body of the potty to help with grip. They are made from plastic and can be used for multiple children and then recycled at the end of their life. 

Why Use A Top Hat Potty For EC?

From our experience with EC, the Top Hat Potty is perhaps the most useful investment for babies under 1 year. I only wish I had mine from birth instead of waiting for 4 months!  It is great for the travel, for night time if your EC routine involves night time potty, as an everyday potty for a small baby. You'll find it is easier for both caregiver and baby to use compared to a normal potty. 

The deeper shape means that anything that is caught is hard to spill and easy to transfer to a toilet. I loved that you can sit down while your baby goes - a bit of a game changer not having to get down on the ground and helpful post-birth.


How To Use The Top Hat Potty

The most common way to sit down with the potty gripped between your legs. Sit your baby on top with their back to your stomach so they feel secure. Make sure your hands are holding them for safety. You can hold them under their hamstrings for a deeper squat position to encourage a complete elimination if poops are a go. 

Top Tip: if you decide to invest, grab a second Potty Seat Cover. You will find that you will often have one in the wash and will need to be using the other. You also get a spare cover if you choose to go for our EC Starter Kit which has the Top Hat Potty, spare potty cover, Reusable Wet Wipes, and the EC Basics Booklet. 


Keen to get started?

We have now got our EC Starter Kit available online that includes all the basics you'll need get going on your EC journey. It includes: 1 x Top Hat Potty (your choice of colour,) 1 x Spare Potty Cover1 x Reusable Wet Wipes and 1 x CaliBaby Introductory EC Booklet. Check it out HERE.


A Few Reviews Of The Top Hat Potty From Fellow Mamas:

'I only got the Top Hat about 4 months into our EC journey - oh my gosh how I wish we had it at the start! It can be used from 0-12 months of age and is perfect for night time, on the go and as an everyday potty for small babies.'

'Very happy with it (Top Hat Potty). After 2 weeks of use, my little one already does almost all his poos in there and he is just 8 weeks old :)'

- Fabiola Feb 22


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