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Three Low Waste Products....That Are Free!

Posted by CaliWoods Crew on
Three Low Waste Products....That Are Free!

Even the most ethical/sustainable product you will ever buy has a footprint...which makes the items you already own the best ones for the planet. Here are some free alternatives.

1. Keep Your Glass Jars!
Jam jars, coconut yoghurt jars, olive jars, save them all! (or as many you can stash in a draw). Glass jars are easy to clean and great for storing food. The clear glass also helps you keep on top of what is in the fridge - hello easy leftovers and bye-bye food waste.

Top Tip: wide mouth jars with big lids are the easiest, be sure to stash a variety of sizes & keep a collection of lids on hand as they wear out long before the jars themselves.
2. Cupboard Items - bowls, tea towels & pegs

For food that won’t need storing for a long time, use a bowl and cover it snug with a clean tea towel then refrigerate. You can also use a plate that fits overtop and, although a bit clunky, it will definitely do the trick. Stainless clothing pegs are multitasking legends for any food that comes in packets/paper bags. 

Top Tip: have a handful of pegs on hand in the kitchen in a jar so you can seal easily because food waste sucks!
3. DIY Your To-Go Kit - cutlery, mugs, bags
If investing in an eco tool kit is something that is out of your reach, start with what you have at home. A water bottle, knife, fork, spoon, bowl, and mug are great places to start. Store them all in a reusable bag and keep them by the door or in the car so you never forget them.
Top Tip: having lightweight eco tools you take with you really can help you to use them more. Use what you have at home first so you know what sort of eco tools you want to invest in.
We hope you found these tips helpful. Check out our more posts in the 'Learn' menu and follow us on socials for daily inspo @caliwoods_eco

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