Meet Our Blade Refill Pack

Our Reusable Safety Razor Blades are for refilling your existing Safety Razor. Remember that each CaliWoods Safety Razor comes with 5 razor blades to get you started, and this pack will supply you with the extras that you’ll need down the track. These Saftey Razor Blades are 100% Stainless Steel and come packaged plastic-free. Each pack comes in an envelope that has the return address for our Blade Recycling Program.

Changing your Safety Razor Blades often gives you a close silky smooth shave. We recommend this is done every 5 shaves for course hair (with male facial hair being the standard here) and every 10 shaves for fine hair. Remember that you can shave with both sides of the Safety Razor Blade - just use the Cali logo on your Safety Razor to keep track of which side you are on. Couple the Reusable Razor with our low-waste Shaving Soap, then simply lather up, and you're good to go. Also available as part of the Low Waste Shave Kit, which has everything you need to get started.


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