Meet Our Silicone Lids

These reusable Silicone Food Covers will fit any plate, bowl, container, or half-cut piece of fruit or vegetable that is round. They also work relatively well on rectangular shapes.

Fruit that has been halved? Coconut milk in cans? Lasagna for the family? These are long-lasting with an airtight seal that keeps your food fresher for longer. The material is food-grade silicone, and the lids are easy to clean and long-lasting enough for years of frequent usage.

When attaching the lid, make sure that both the container and the silicone lid are dry so that the edges grab the sides of the container. They are free from BPA, non-toxic, and resistant to cold and high temperatures - hello freezer or microwave. Keep your leftovers fresh without continually buying rolls of plastic gladwrap.


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