2023 Xmas Gift Guide

2023 Xmas Gift Guide

This giving season we have items available for the whole fam, from Gran and Grandpa to the little one's new to the family! 

We understand that not everyone is working with the same budget, so here's a handy guide for gifts at every price point. Best of all, these eco-focussed products will not only be good for your loved ones, but for Mother Earth too. 

Gifts Under $30

  1. Tired of that plastic peg graveyard on your lawn? Check out these Stainless Pegs, built for NZ conditions and ultra-giftable!
  2. Perfect for meals out, or cold beverages on the go these reusable straw packs reduce your waste while enabling your favourite tastes. Available in several options, including Smoothie Straws, Drinking Straws, Cocktail Straws, or Mixed Packs!
  3. Elevate any kitchen with these low-waste essentials. From Natural Surface Spray for cleaning up after Summer BBQs, to Reusable Paper Bags and Silicone Stretch Lids we have the perfect gifts for cooking experts (and hopefuls ... 😉)
  4. Welcoming some new little ones around the tree this year? We've got a great selection of CaliBaby products for under $30. Like this all natural Pine Rattle or this Soft Baby Cloth. For any new parents you know interested in Elimination Communication, or sustainable parenting, we have this super handy EC How To booklet and the tools you need to get started (... super cute Tiny Pull Up's anyone?)
Silicone Stretch Lids
For under $30 we've got Kitchen essentials for the chefs among us. Like these Silicone Stretch Lids, available in a multi-size pack for $24.50 and in large size for $33.00

Gifts Under $50

  1. Safety Razors are a luxe addition to the bathroom routine, these are stylish, offer a safe and comfortable shave and work perfectly for any gender! Plus you can get a matching Razor Stand to safely store your razor next to the sink.
  2. Upgrade your laundry area with this super stylish Eco Laundry Kit, including Eco-Wool Dryer Balls and Stainless Clothing Pegs this kit will save you time and money while drying your clothes. Plus, when you bundle buy, you save!
  3. Bake your favourite treats, sweet and savoury with these Reusable Baking Mats made in two shapes to fit standard oven trays and most cake tins. These Baking Mats will last years to come and completely replace baking paper, reducing your kitchen waste while you enjoy your favourite meals. 
  4. Level up your baking game with these Silicone Muffin Liners perfect for making you favourite treats and single serve savoury items.  
CaliWoods Safety Razors
Luxe Safety Razors make a stylish addition to any bathroom, available in three gorgeous colours and perfect for Christmas at only $42.00 each. 


Gifts Under $100

  1. For the legends in your life we have some great kits for every area of your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom we've got Christmas covered with practical, yet luxurious bundle packs.
  2. Our luxe Low-Waste Shave Kit will have your friends, or fam, looking stylish this summer. This kit comes with everything you need to get started with a CaliWoods safety razor and, with extra blades included, will last you months before any top-ups are needed. 
  3. A seasonal treat, we've got zero-waste Christmas Re-Crackers available which will allow you to celebrate a kiwi holiday classic without the waste. Plus, you can reuse these year after year for an annual burst of fun! 
CaliWoods Eco Laundry Kit
Starting at $46.00 we've got Laundry Kits available that'll save you time and money. Designed to last these kits will be a welcome addition to your routine and look stylish in any laundry.


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