CaliWoods Mother's Day Must-Haves

Mothers Day Image - Mother Grandmother and Child

As Mother's Day approaches on the 12th of May, it's time to start thinking about how you will celebrate the incredible caregiver in your life. 

The team at CaliWoods has come together to share their favourite gift-giving items to help you choose the perfect sustainable product. These gifts enhance daily life and contribute to a healthier planet. From kitchen essentials to self-care indulgences, here are some of our top picks to show just how much your caregiver means to you.

Smiling Boy and Grandmother with Mothers Day Gift
  1. Baking Bliss: Whether your gift is for a baking enthusiast or a culinary novice, our range of baking essentials is sure to delight. Our reusable Baking Mats and Circular Baking Mats provide a non-toxic, non-stick surface for effortlessly creating delicious treats. And with our vibrant Muffin Liners, baking becomes a joyous experience to be shared with loved ones. (with minimal clean-up time!) 
  2. Pampering Picks: The gift of self-care is seldom one that goes unnoticed. Our Bamboo Hairbrush gently detangles hair while minimising static, while our Body Brush and Foot Brush offer invigorating exfoliation for a spa-like experience at home. For a fresh start to each day, our Tongue Cleaner ensures a clean mouth and fresh breath—the perfect addition to any morning routine.
  3. Aroma Ambiance: Create an oasis of tranquillity with our Aroma Flasks, designed to infuse any space with the scents of essential oils. The stylish vessels keep aromas pure and potent, providing everyone with moments of relaxation and rejuvenation throughout the day.
  4. Sustainable Sips: Staying hydrated in style is a fantastic gift! Our Dawny Adventure Club Insulated Drink Bottles are perfect for on-the-go hydration. Available in various colours and sizes, these durable bottles keep beverages hot or cold for hours, whether running errands or enjoying a leisurely stroll in the park.
  5. Gift of Choice: Can't decide? Give the gift of choice with a CaliWoods Gift Voucher. With endless possibilities, anyone explore our range of reusable, sustainable products and find the perfect addition to their lifestyle.
Mother sDay Gift Bamboo Hairbrush Being Used

This Mother's Day, let's celebrate Mums, Aunts, Grandmothers, Teachers, Siblings, or anyone we look to for support, care, and love - in whatever way this day means to you. These CaliWoods eco and reusable gift suggestions reflect their values while showing our appreciation for all they do. 


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