Quick Tips: How To Use Your Eco Tools

Quick Tips: How To Use Your Eco Tools

Making many sustainable swaps at once can be overwhelming and can take some getting used to.

So here are our top tips for our fav eco products!  

Stainless Steel Pegs

Hanging up washing with stainless steel pegs
Store your Metal Pegs someplace dry while they are not in use

If you live near the ocean, give the stainless clothes pegs a rinse in fresh water once a month and let them dry out again

At the end of life they can be taken to a scrap metal outlet or you can return them to us and we will recycle them for you

    Safety Razors


    Use hot water and a creamy soap like our Shaving Bar and use light pressure until you get used to using your reusable Safety Razor. Once you are used to it, you’ll never look back (click here for shaving tips)

    Use one side of the blade at a time, starting with the side of the blade with the Cali Logo. When it feels blunt the switch sides (around 5 shaves)

    Switch out the blades regularly to avoid nicks!

    Unscrew the razor and give the parts and blade a quick dry with a towel after use.  Store your Safety Razor out of the shower

      Silicone Stretch Lids

      The Silicone Stretch Lids small sizes are great for half cut pieces of fruit and veg. Take your half cut lemon or onion, cover and refrigerate!

      Wash well between uses with warm soapy water, give it a rinse and let it drip dry
        These reusable food covers are dishwasher safe so can be popped in the dishwasher - win!

        Reusable Paper Bags

        These Reusable Paper Bags are washable on any cycle! A simple shake may be good enough if you've just had dry food inside though
        We love the Flat Paper Bags for on the go - think a takeaway muffin or cookie. The Stand Up Pouch is beyond epic for bulk bin shops or a nut mix for adventures as the clips seal the bag shut

        We recommend using natural and unscented laundry powder. You can find ours powders here. After washing, dry them flat to avoid crinkling

          There you go, quick tips on how to use some of our most popular eco goodies. Do you have any eco hacks to share with us? Comment below.


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