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Cleaner Brush Box - Natural Fibre


Have a small spot you need to clean? Perhaps there’s the lid of your drink bottle or a part on your coffee machine. These natural fibre small Cleaning Brushes are just what you need. Similar to pipe cleaners but with a stainless steel handle and bristles - these Cleaner Brushes are specifically designed to clean those small spots effectively.    

2 x Natural Fibre Cleaner Brushes

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Meet Our Cleaner Brushes

Initially designed to clean our very first product, the Reusable Straws, the Cleaner Brush Pack has proved itself to be a mainstay in the kitchen for all those tiny places you just can’t get clean. These Cleaner Brushes are made from Stainless Steel and the bristles are natural fibre - no synthetics around here. These nifty little brushes can be used on any appliances with nooks, crannies, or other bends - think coffee machines, taps, newborn bottle teats, and drink bottles. Also great for your Reusable Straws (of course!), and they do a great job of cleaning the lid and straw that come with the Dawny Adventure Club Insulated Drink Bottles.

Easy to use and made from natural fibre and ultra-recyclable stainless steel, these small Cleaner Brushes are a zero waste solution for keeping your gear totally clean!

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