Bee Aware Month: What It Is And WHY It's Important

Bee Aware Month: What It Is And WHY It's Important

We may run from them when they’re close, and grab kids from the lawn as they buzz by, but bees are crucial to the existence of humanity.

Why is that? Surely we’d all survive if we didn’t have our honey on toast?

 Well...on average, one in three bites of our food depends on pollinators, and most pollinators are bees!

As a pollinator, bees help plants to reproduce with each other. You may think that bees are simply buzzing around having a lovely old time with the flowers, but really, they’ve taken on the MASSIVE task of growing our plants and feeding us.


If Earth didn't have these cute fluffy pollinators, our plates would look dramatically different!


Update: The CaliWoods Bees in the Urban Beehive Project are happy and healthy, producing a bunch of lovely urban honey that has a floral taste from all the parks and home gardens that provide them with food. 



It's really hard to face, but bees are some pretty serious danger. Decreasing biodiversity, parasites, climate change, and widespread use of pesticides has meant bees are at risk of becoming endangered. In some places, they already are.

Every year, September is Bee Awareness Month, and we are always standing up for the sweet stripy buzzers of the world.

The CaliWoods Urban Beehive Project

A portion of profits from all CaliStraw purchases ends up contributing towards cool projects like this one! We want our social enterprise framework to be really strong, taking into consideration People, Planet as well as Profit.

Bees are a really important part of sustainability as a whole, ensuring our food security and making sure the entire ecosystem is healthy. Protecting all species in our world is key and we all need to learn about what we can do to help our pollinators!

In light of Bee Aware Month, and Bee appreciation in general, CaliWoods sponsors an urban beehive which is up on the rooftop of Harvest by Huckleberry in Grey Lynn (Auckland, New Zealand). This will be the first hive of the CaliWoods Urban Beehive Project....with more to come in the future as further work on other projects to make our world slightly more awesome!

Beehive and person

Our bees won’t just be any old bees! Bees Up Top are an Auckland based company, Jess rescues bees from extermination and re-homes them in happy places; like our hive. Our rescue bees will be safe and protected, but we need you to help look after our bees, and all bees in New Zealand.

CaliWoods stock Honey Wraps as an alternative to plastic cling wrap!

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