What is "Low Tox"? Here's Why It's Important

What is "Low Tox"? Here's Why It's Important

In our modern life, everyday living involves passive exposure to tons of toxins. These can come from different sources like air, products like household cleaners and skincare items, packaging, and sometimes even the food we purchase from the store. Fortunately, we can make simple changes to reduce this exposure! Read on for some great tips. 


What is 'low-tox'?

Low-tox stands for low-toxins. It can be thought of as a lifestyle, where you make conscious choices to reduce the number of toxins you are exposed to. This is applied by consciously creating your home environment, choosing good food to eat, looking at the products you buy, and where you spend your time and money. Over time, these choices positively impact your health and your family's health!

We talk about the low-tox approach because it's essential to product development, sustainability, and living a healthy life.


Start your low-tox lifestyle with a household detox. 

First, look at all the items you regularly use, like laundry powder and surface cleaner. Are you exposing yourself to any artificial fragrances in candles or car fresheners? Do you spray flies or bugs regularly, and do you need the max heavy-duty cleaner for day-to-day use? These get switched out for alternatives with fewer chemicals.

Then consider what you are putting on your body and into your hair - which items do you really need, and what's on the ingredient list? In most cases, people find a more basic routine is easier, lower-tox, and can be done with some simple swaps that can cover most things.

When considering furniture and decorating, you may have painting and recarpeting on the list. Looking into off-gassing and opting for natural paint and second-hand or wool carpet instead would be the low-tox approach here. Your fridge might get a mini makeover; out with the packaged, processed foods and in with the herbs, whole foods, and farmers' markets. 

These simple changes can make a difference for your family and drastically reduce the number of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals they are exposed to daily. 


The 'low-tox' takeaways

Once you look at everything that surrounds us with this lens, you will likely see toxins everywhere. Anxiety over this can sometimes be as harmful or more harmful than the toxins themselves! My advice is this; choose what your boundaries are within your environment, make the changes you can, and create your home environment as your baseline.

You can't control everything you will ever be exposed to, but you can take simple steps to make day-to-day living healthier for you and your loved ones. 


Get Started

Looking for some places to get started? Our CaliBaby range is specifically focused on low-tox product design.

This beautifully fragranced, all natural Surface Spray is a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom. While, this ultra-low tox Hand & Body Soap is a great way to stay clean while staying healthy. For more great low tox products visit our store!

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