5 Eco Goals for 2021

5 Eco Goals for 2021

2021! IT'S HERE! 

It's finally here, a fresh start and the best excuse to reset. We put together 5 Eco Goals for 2021 as some inspiration to get the ball rolling. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced eco-warrior, here are some ideas to consider:


 Do you know what your money supports? You can quickly and easily check how your current Kiwisaver stacks up through Mindful Money. It clearly shows you where your money is being invested. We changed our Kiwisaver to Booster a few years ago and haven't looked back in terms of ethics or returns. We have also heard good things about Caresaver


Is there a plastic or single-use item you use all the time? Still on the single-use coffee cups and think it could be an achievable and impactful habit to change? 2021 is your year to ditch the disposables. Set a strict rule with yourself for that one thing. For example 'no cup, no coffee' or dine in. Tackling one thing at a time ensures your habits stick. Here's a checklist you can download. 


Saying bye-bye to what you don't need will reduce bottle clutter as well as minimise waste. It's likely you will be removing unneeded chemicals from your daily routine too. Your body, your bin and maybe even your flat mates will thank you. We have lots of ideas in this guide here


This means choosing a few things you are interested in and diving deeper. Stay up to date and then take some action. This could involve sharing a few posts, signing a petition, or starting a conversation about the topic. Make sure the topics are things you naturally gravitate towards so the goal is a pleasure. Our movements are ocean and waste related - yours will likely look pretty different, which is awesome, we all need to be working on our part of the puzzle. 


This is when these things come together. The large scale problems of the world can seem daunting at times, I get it! Taking individual action can help if you feel overwhelmed while inspiring others, knowing you are making a difference regardless of whatever else is going on.


Individual-level action and creating an overall shift in thinking is just as important as any other environmental activism.

We got this. 

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