Meet Our Tooth Tablets

Say see-ya to plastic toothpaste tubes and hello to your zero waste oral care routine! DENTtab Tooth Tablets are made in Europe to strict standards and work by polishing your teeth. They are minty fresh and come in both fluoride and fluoride-free in different pack sizes - you choose. Each tab is organic, vegan, and gluten-free.

DENTtab Tooth Tablets are free of preserving agents which may cause high abrasion to your teeth. The fluoride option contains 1400ppm of fluoride, which iis within the recommended range of optimum range of 1100ppm to 1500ppm. Simply Chew, Brush, Rinse and Repeat. These fluoride and fluoride free tooth tablets are included in the Bathroom Essentials Kit.


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Our Story, Our Promise

We are an NZ-owned, woman-led social enterprise. This means that we are for-profit, but the main thing we wake up for in the morning is our purpose; to reduce waste and stand up for Mama Earth. We are a certified bCorp.