Meet Our Luxe Bathroom Kit

This is the ultimate, luxe Bathroom Kit you have been looking for! Upgrade your routine with everything you need to clean your face organically, brush with bamboo, and get yourself the smoothest sustainable shave. With all the favs bundled together you will save yourself time, money, and waste.

The Bamboo Hairbrush will untangle those knots, without tugging or pulling out your hair. Organic Facial Rounds will nourish your skin with their ultra-soft feel, while the Tongue Cleaner will leave your mouth feeling cleaner than ever! The CaliWoods Safety Razor comes with everything you need for an ultra-close, sustainable shave; a Razor Stand to store it in, extra Razor Blades, a Razor Travel Bag, and handmade Shaving Soap. You’re on your way to the ultimate, sustainable lifestyle with this tailored Bathroom Kit!


Luxe Bathroom Kit Details

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