Hibernation Series 3 of 5: In The Kitchen

Hibernation Series 3 of 5: In The Kitchen

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These tips are by our team member Jade. She loves helping people through healthy, conscious lifestyle choices.
You can find more about her here.

In a time where having a boosted immune system is paramount, learning about which foods work well for your body and how to have your defences well and truly up is key!

Good news is that there are some really simple rules which work across the board for almost everyone. Here are 5 easy ways to keep your Bubble healthy...

#1 - Seek Foods In Their Whole Form (as found in nature)

You now may have more time to prepare and cook food from their whole forms.

Nutrient dense foods are medicine, and the following vitamins and nutrients are important for our immunity and nervous system during this time. Luckily we can find these in foods and in supplement form in plastic-free glass jars.

Hero's for immunity and our nervous system include: 

  • Vitamin C - Broccoli, Beetroot, Lemons, Oranges, Berries, Blackcurrants, Dark leafy greens, Capsicum and herbs like Parsley 
  • Zinc - Hemp seeds, Cashew nuts, Pumpkin seeds, Mushrooms
  • Selenium - Brazil nuts
  • Vitamin D - Mushrooms and Sunshine! 
  • Magnesium - Cacao (check out our Low Waste Cacao Bliss Ball Recipe), Almonds, Dark leafy greens, Avocados.

Check out our Low Waste Smoothies and 3 Winter Warmers recipes for delicious and easy ways to get a punch of these nutrients.


Tip 1. With any left over vege scraps you can make a vegetable broth, keeping scraps in the freezer until you accumulate enough.

Tip 2. Dry out pumpkin seeds on your window sill for planting in the garden during spring. Low waste, local produce from your garden? Yes please!

Tip 3. Cover half-cut fruit or leftover bowls with Beeswax Wraps to keep them fresh. Stainless Pegs are also awesome for keeping packets closed in your pantry!

Beeswax Wraps are an awesome way to keep your healthy fruit, veg and left-overs nice and fresh

#2 - Reduce Packaged Food

You'll be reducing processed and refined foods too.
  • If you need dry goods most bulk food stores are still open during lockdown like GoodFor and Commonsense.
  • Remember to take your Bulk Bin Bags and Produce Bags with you when shopping
  • Some stores are refusing BYOC for hygiene reasons at this time so be mindful of the next best sustainable options. E.g. paper bags and home compostable packaging which you can reuse and dispose of responsibly in your garden at end of life. 

Check out our Bulk Food Shopping Guide for some helpful tips.

You can buy dry goods low waste really easily. Store in jars and seal packets with beautiful Stainless Pegs

Bulk Bin Bags for shopping

Bulk Bin Bags can help make low waste shopping easier. They are also really good for storing toys and other items around the house. 

#3 - Grow Your Own!

Whether you have a garden, a deck or just a windowsill you can grow your own herbs and vegetables.

Homegrown produce;

  • Has high nutritional value and low/no pesticide residue which is really beneficial for your gut health, immunity and hormone production. 
  • Reduces the need to go to the supermarket and increases confidence in your ability to self-sustain
  • Helps you to eat in season which is not only beneficial for your health eating in sync with nature and having fresher produce, but this also reduces emissions from international food transport.  
    Starting with herbs and some leafy greens are great. Find what likes being planted in the coming months through the planting calendar here


      1. Try re-growing vegetables from planting your food scraps. Spring onions, Lettuce, Potatoes and Pumpkin are great candidates. Allowing scraps to grow roots in a small glass of water indoors then transferring to some soil works well. 

      #4  - Loose Leaf Tea

      Seek out some loose leaf, low caffeine herbal tea. Not only does sipping a warm drink calm your nervous system, there are also many soothing blends which help build immunity & reduce tension if that particular family member is bugging you! 

      • Loose leaf = no tea bag which often deposits microplastics into each cup. 
      • Our favourites include Liquorice root, Peppermint, Lavender, Chamomile, Passion flower, Echinacea, Ginger. 
      • Remember to give your worm farm or compost some love by giving them your tea leaves afterwards. 
      • If you are a serious tea drinker you'll want to check out our insulated Tumblers. They keep tea hot for hours!
      • Store your tea in a repurposed jar or using a Stainless Peg to close over the top your bag is a great way to keep the tea fresh. 

      We love fellow Social Enterprise Charity Tea for their home compostable packaged loose leaf tea that also helps feed kids - epic!

      #5 - Drink Lots Of Water

      It is easier than ever to ditch plastic water bottles during this time at home by using your reusable bottle, glasses or even recycled jars.
      • Water helps our organs detoxify unwelcome viruses and bacteria.
      • Aim to increase your water intake during this time to give your detoxification organs some extra support - aim for 2-3 litres per day.
      • Adding in a squeeze of lemon is great for taste and provides extra detoxification & immune support. 
      • Find a drinking vessel you love so you are more inspired to drink. As with your tea you could use a CaliWoods Tumblers and repurposed jars work well too. 
      Filtered Water is worth the health investment if you are on town supply. Chlorine and fluoride in town supply water interferes with the body's iodine pathways and negatively impacts good bacteria and immune function. Filters can remove chlorine, mineralise water, and more. Alka Jug from Ionza is great as an affordable countertop option.

      *Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. CaliWoods does not claim responsibility for this information.

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      • CaliWoods - Jade on

        Hey Frances, thanks for taking the time to comment. As a herb, liquorice root has the ability to raise BP, so always check with your health professional or doctor if you are going to be consuming regularly. Same for any herbs taken regularly :)

      • Frances Burton on

        Did you realise that Liquorice raises the BP? I love Liquorice and would drink a lot. my BP went up to 210 over 110 but now that I have giving up Liquorice it has gone back to normal.

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